Aquarian Astrology

Pluto's Present Transit Through Sagittarius 

Pluto's Present Transit Through Sagittarius Until January 27, 2021

Birthing A New Level of Knowing and Trusting Your Self     

As Pluto dances through Sagittarius,* things that have been hidden are being revealed. It is the opening of a modern day Pandora’s Box that is filled with both gems and gunk. That which has been oppressed or suppressed is seeking to rise to the surface of our personal and collective consciousness. That which has been secreted away wants to be seen and acknowledged in the light of unconditional love and understanding, without judgment.

The hidden includes an uncountable number of beautiful things that reside deep within our Beingness. These aspects of ourselves seek to emerge into our awareness, so that we can experience the delight firsthand. When we acknowledge them, we cannot help but feel just how rich and vast we really are. Discovering the treasures buried inside our hearts allows us to live full and amazing lives.

There are also things stored in our unconscious we may resist seeing. It is the old gnarly stuff we have been hauling around without knowing it. This stuff includes joy-squelching habits of condemning or criticizing ourselves or others. You might hear it as babble in the back of your mind saying, “I am not good enough. I am doing it wrong. There’s something wrong with me. I’m a mess.” The gnarly stuff includes the harbored fear, pains, loss, disappointments, angers, and so on. This gunk that we have stuffed into our unconscious wreaks havoc in our minds and bodies. It suffocates our lightness of being. It is time we faced, honored, and released the gunk. It is seeking a way to leave your energy field.

Being honest with ourselves is a sacred and healing thing to do. We need to be kind with ourselves to be honest. It usually is challenging to meet the ugly stuff we so desperately try to keep it down. It is not “bad stuff,” it is simply the stuff that can look soooo nasty to us … ugh - stay away! It also can be just as challenging to acknowledge our wondrousness. We may feel unworthy. We may feel like we will be arrogant if we see and own our gifts. Our resistances to knowing ourselves need to move on.

To look within is to trust that you will find the Real You. This gives you the chance to learn how to become all that you are and can be.

On a collective world-wide level, we are seeing disturbing cover-ups being uncovered. It's happening
 in loud ways in governments, religions, law, business, and education. Movies like Spotlight or The Big Short are just a few of the social statements that suggest, “Let’s take a good look at what's we have been hiding. Let’s be the humans we can be and bring healing and realignment to our lives, so that we are living in ways that express our beauty and caring.” With Pluto coursing through Sagittarius, it’s time to get real. Where there is real, there is real unconditional love. 

Sagittarius is symbolized by a centaur or by a rider with bow and arrow on horseback. In both cases, the arrow is pointing right into the heart center of our Milky Way Galaxy. The ancients who pictured these symbols were on to something and they graciously have left their guidance in the sky for us.

With Pluto in Sagittarius, we have the extraordinary opportunity, like the rider on horseback, to journey within to find our own heart center. Imagine the exhilaration of riding into the vast terrain of your heart! Here is where we come to know personal truth. It is an inner knowing that comes when we are calm and clear.

By riding into our inner knowing, we find the guidance we seek. In the process, something magical happens - we develop an unfathomably deep trust in our own unique and balanced Self.

Imagine trusting yourself to such a degree, you feel at peace and at ease in all that you do. Would this be worth pursuing?

Exploring where Pluto is transiting your natal star chart is powerful business. There will be much learning that will come with the adventure. The planet’s alignment will help you see what areas of your life are holding gems for you. Let yourself find the gems from within and you will find yourself living in abundance.

*Pluto’s position in Sagittarius is according to sidereal astrology, which shows things as they are in the sky. If you looked up and could see Pluto with the naked eye, this would be its location.