Aquarian Astrology

Oh Ken, the heart is so big, is it not? My nephew has thanked me so much for the reading with you.  It is what he hoped. It is what I hoped!

"Ken, I adore doing astrological readings with you!!!!"

Authentic responses from clients seeking guidance on their life paths.

Hi Ken, thank you for such an amazing session today!! I really wished I could have given you a hug! 

To say that S and D enjoyed their readings is putting it lightly - they loved them. They are both clients I have worked with for a long time who have become friends. I feel completely comfortable referring these folks with your gift of perception.

Dear Ken, I want to thank you for such a profound and insightful reading yesterday. You gave me a lot to think about and integrate. Thank you for your compassionate presence and clarity! 

People's Authentic Experiences

People's Experiences

Hello Ken! Just wanted to thank you again for the absolutely amazing astrology reading, thanks so much for that wonderful gift!!!!

Hi, Ken! You did a beautiful consult with my husband and me a while back (still playing with all the great information) and I would love to set up another session with you! 

Ken, I can't say how much the reading moved me and changed me.

I really just LOVED working with you on Sunday! You're just so present and on point. It was an awaking thrill to chat with you! Thank you!

Ken, I just wanted you to know how much I appreciate your work and your voice in this Earth plane, and the sincerity and sweetness of your presenting it. The heart of your work is profoundly moving.

"And for the whole reading, our conversation did exactly what I needed - I got to "shift" perspective internally. Thank you so much!" 

My heart opened so wide!