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This diagram shows the comparison between Draco and the northern stars in the sky (left) and the map of the Round Towers that make the shape of Draco on Ireland (right). 

One of the many stone

towers that join the Earth and Sky throughout the

landscape of Ireland.

A beautiful and exciting feature about The Great Unknown, or The Great Mystery, is that it brings us to the undiscovered. It is where we meet life and all its unknowns. In meeting personally with the Great Mystery, we are brought to a dynamic place in ourselves that might be expressed as our "inner adventure." If we go for it and experience the adventure within, it will take us on a quest that leads to our own "inner knowing," our own "truth." As no one else can tell us what our truth really is, this is something that we seek and understand for ourselves. It is something to be experienced first-hand. It is how we come to trust ourselves.

Dragons have captivated humans' attention in a big way for a long time. We hear about the Dragons in myths. We see them pictured in different ways in movies and books. They have represented life energy to ancient peoples. They have a huge place in human consciousness. 

Draco the Dragon circles over our heads today, flying with its massive stellar body around the pole or north star. The Earth's central axis points at this star. As our Earth turns on its axis and the Dragon flaps her wings, we can look up and see the stars and constellations slowly dance around us. There is a special connection between us and the above. It is something we can feel. In awe of the sky's vast and shimmering presence, we look to guidance from the stars, knowing they will help guide us on our unique walks into the Great Mystery of Life.

*Note: If you are interested to read more about Philip Callahan's writing about the Round Towers, look for his book, Ancient Mysteries, Modern Visions.

The Draco Constellation

That Dances in The Night Sky Over The Stone Towers


Your Astrological Star Chart

is like your own

personal Stone Tower.

It allows you to commune 

with the Sky

and find the Dragon Treasure

you're looking for.


Ireland is home to a fascinating array of round stone towers that long ago were built across the emerald island. Archeologists have yet to arrive at accurate dates of when they were constructed. They draw a good deal of attention today and serve as key stopping spots for travelers. 

During WWII, a radio operator named Philip Callahan was stationed in Ireland. He was trained in identifying a wide range of radio signals and frequencies. He also was a scientist whose off- duty hours gave him the uncanny opportunity to discover profound things about the Round Towers. He just happened to be stationed near one of these towers and it immensely stirred his curiosity, initiating his quest for discovering their purpose. During his free time, he would visit this and many other towers in the country. What he discovered suggests profound things about our relationship to the sky and stars.

Callahan had an undying interest in antennae, particularly in the antennae of insects. He observed and pondered how insects might use them to navigate in nature. It struck him that the Round Towers perhaps are large antennae.  

After studying many features of the Round Towers, such as their heights, circumferences, and materials with which they were built, he realized that they were carefully and purposefully designed. He felt that they were constructed by ancient peoples to be large and effective amplifiers of energies and frequencies coming from the sky. By sitting in certain places in the towers, an individual could tune into the energies and frequencies emitted from the Sun and stars. Callahan held that, while sitting in meditation in a tower, a person would have the opportunity to enter powerful states of awareness. Their exposure to these concentrated fields of stellar energies would assist them in attaining new levels of well-being and knowledge.

Imagine what these people might have experienced and learned when spending time in the towers?  

As Callahan studied the Round Towers, something else remarkable was revealed to him. During his travels to visit the different towers, he marked their placements on a geographical map. They were dotted all over the countryside. He looked and looked at the map and had this feeling that he had  seen the array of such placements before, but where? 

It finally dawned on him that the towers were placed in an exact mirror to the stars of Draco the Dragon! This is a vast constellation that spans the northern region of our night sky, just above the Earth's northern polar region. That such a correlation between the exact placement of the towers and Draco's stars could happen by chance just made no sense. The builders of the Round Towers purposefully sought to align and interact with the energies and frequencies of Draco. They focused on this specific configuration of stars that revolved over their heads every night, circling around the pole star.

Why of all the constellations, did Draco grab the ancient people's attention? And how did this constellation get its name? These questions and others like them remain to be answered. They are couched in a Great Unknown.