​England is an intriguing place. When traveling there about twenty years ago, I followed major ley lines of the ancient land. Ley lines are energy lines that course throughout our planet. They have also been referred to as Dragon Lines. Ancient peoples like the Druids of England built sacred sites at key places on the grid of ley lines that were local to their region. They did so to enhance their relationship with life and to enhance their abilities to sense the subtle. These power centers include Stonehenge and Avebury Henge.

The Glastonbury Tor is another one of the power spots in England. It is a place where strong Feminine and Masculine Ley Lines meet in a particularly interesting way. The Tor is a tower that stands on a hill that was sacred to the Druids. When Christianity came to this area, their leaders built a church atop this sacred site. It was a way to claim it for their religion. What you see in the picture above is the tower that remains from the church that was constructed hundreds of years ago. Now it is a place where many of all walks of life come to visit.

On my personal journey to the Tor, I wanted to go to the top of the hill at dusk. To get there I decided to walk on the grass and feel the Earth under me. The hill was shaped and textured like an old spiral labyrinth that was embedded in the land. My excitement grew as I climbed. 

Upon arriving to the top, I found a place to sit. I waited for a group of tourists to leave. As night settled in and the stars began to appear in the sky, the people departed and I was alone. It was magical to see the lights of the Milky Way pop out of the darkness. A deep sense of mystery and wonder stirred in my heart.

Quietly I took out my flute and some sacred objects to prepare for a private ceremony. To my surprise two people appeared over the hill, walked up to me, and asked if they could join me. It was a woman and man in their twenties.

Above is a diagram of the Ley Lines at The Tor.

The Feminine and Masculine Ley Lines meet in the center of this ancient sacred site in England.

It is a powerful place to visit.

Inspiration from the Stars - Aligning With the Above

An Adventure into the Great Mystery

Like a mist arising from the land, the couple returned without clothes, gliding into a trance-like dance around the Tor. The man and woman circled again and again in different directions around me. As if time had been left behind, I watched their silhouettes move freely and beautifully to the music. There was such respect as they swirled under the stars. It was a dance of the Ley Lines, the Meeting of the Feminine and Masculine. I felt so transported and so filled at the same time.

I was awed by the unexpected on this ancient site.

Here, where the Ley Lines meet, magic happened. The Sky and the Earth came together. That which is beyond time and space found its way into sweet embodiment at the Tor. 

Aquarian Astrology

The Tor of Glastonbury - A Sacred Site

Glastonbury Tor



Where The Feminine

& Masculine Meet

A Star Chart is like your personal Tor. When approached with curiosity and sacred respect, you can feel the magic of the Feminine and the Masculine coming together.

Ireland's Round Towers


Aligning with Draco the Dragon and

the Pole Star

After some brief introductions, we sat in stillness together. When I blew gently into the flute to begin my ceremony, they disappeared. As the music floated on the thick air, black shapes appeared from behind the Tor.

The Magic of The Stars At The Glastonbury Tor

       A Cosmic Dance Of The Feminine & Masculine

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