Aquarian Astrology

At the heart of Aquarian Astrology is the Apprenticeship Program. Through your participation in one-on-one studies and retreats with other apprentices, you will learn astrology in a way that brings you extraordinary knowledge, healing, and direction. You will discover how to meet,

align, and counsel with the Sky Beings and experience astrology on many vast and wondrous levels.

Out of a strong desire for knowledge and spiritual growth, ancient people sought out teachers that would provide them with a safe and energy-filled space in which to learn. The student-teacher relationships were sacred, based on deep respect and caring. It is very empowering to be seen by a teacher for the wondrous Being you really are. This seeing of you helps you learn on exponential levels.

‚ÄčThis awakening approach to astrology is not something you'd learn in a book. It is passed on to you by Ken Robinson, who has been seeking, experiencing, cultivating, and living star knowledge for decades. A teacher can guide you only as far as what he or she knows from first-hand experience.

With Ken you will have access to enormous knowledge that will be passed down to you directly through interaction with him. This is when the magic happens, and it's fun!

Aquarian Astrology Apprenticeship Program

An Astrology of A New Era

The calling and awakening of the Bridge People.

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You also will learn how to interact with clients in ways that honor their Beingness and help them understand themselves from new and wondrous perspectives. The caring, respect, and star knowledge you share will give you uncountable  opportunities to touch people's lives and help them on their life journeys.

Reading Star Charts

With Heightened Aquarian Awareness

Becoming An Aquarian Astrologer

You are as vast as a nebula.

For individuals  to become an Aquarian Astrologer, they need to be awake. They need to know who they are and learn to live in the feeling of their Beingness or Spirit. This requires time and staying with their studies. 

A monumental gift of your apprenticeship is your own healing and transformation. You will be on the path of knowing yourself and this star knowledge to a powerful level. There is no way around this. Anything less will only shortchange you and your clients. 

There is nothing as extraordinary as awakening. It is a path of aliveness, freedom and abundance. You will learn how to free yourself from limiting identities, old habits, and scarcity. Imagine such freedom!

Centeredness, clarity, inner peace, and delight will be yours to live  everyday.

When you engage in these studies of Aquarian Star Knowledge, you will learn how to construct Star Charts and understand them in a shamanic or energetic way. Simultaneously you will discover more and more about the ways and intelligence of your Spirit. This allows you to perceive on whole new levels, to see things in a star chart that you wouldn't be able to see unless you knew yourself.

Through your studies, you will develop your ability to read a chart with the help of the Sky Beings. You will find yourself immersed in spiritual experiences in which you are intuiting things that were previously hard to grasp. You will discover how to listen to your Spirit's feelings so that you can interpret a chart in an inspiring, rich, and balanced way.