Aquarian Astrology

Opening the Doorways To Our True Selves 

And To The Star Knowledge Of The New Aquarian Era

Aquarian Astrology is an astrology of connectedness. It helps people transform their way of thinking and feeling, bringing things to life.

Ken Robinson, the founder of Aquarian Astrology, teaches this astrology of the new era through the apprenticeship program. The studies are for those individuals who wish to awaken and be a bridge person to the Aquarian Age. He also offers star chart readings to those who seek healing and guidance about the ways, gifts, and path of their True and Wondrous Selves. 

Shifting With Our Galaxy And Solar System

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Aquarian Astrology is an astrology of the emerging new age, the Aquarian Age. It is a dynamic knowledge that assists us in awakening to the vast and beautiful Beings we really are. By its very nature, Aquarian Astrology can only be accessed through our Spirit's feelings, from the depths and richness of our Authentic Selves. It is a star knowledge that will help us create the Aquarian paradigm on Earth, a new era based on living from our hearts. 

While Aquarian Astrology is an astrology for a new age, its roots go back to ancient shamanic peoples who lived intimately and harmoniously with nature and the Spirit World. Like ancient star knowledge, Aquarian Astrology is based on the stellar art of listening with our entire being to the energies and knowledge offered to us from the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars. It is a life-enhancing astrology that helps us live in sync with the powerful cycles of the galaxy, solar system, and our home planet. This is no small matter because aligning with these cycles brings us into the wonders and magic of life. Living in sync with the sky and the Earth brings us into vibrant health. 

At this juncture in history, our galaxy is making an enormous energetic shift. Like vast ocean waves, her energies are spilling out of her heart and rippling through our solar system. In response to this dynamic cosmic occurrence, the Sun, Moon, and planets are realigning themselves continuously on vibratory levels to be in sync with the new energies. All life on the Earth, including us humans, are being called to align with this cosmic dance.  ​​

Aquarian Astrology provides guidance for aligning with this cosmic shift. This astrology is playing a key role in humanity's dance into the Aquarian Age. 

The cosmic waves generated by the galaxy are extraordinary gifts to our solar system, the Earth, and humanity. Rich with inspiration these energies stimulate our birthing a way of living in which all life is respected and all decisions are based on win-win-win outcomes.

As the Sun, Moon, and planets shift with our galaxy, the energies and the star knowledge they share also changes, giving us the fresh guidance we need at each step of our awakening and transformation. In order to fully understand this new incoming knowledge, we need to awaken and develop our abilities to perceive astrological information on subtle energetic levels. We do through our feelings, intuition, and spirit senses. Aquarian Astrology is based on this rich way of perceiving.

Recognizing and developing our abilities to engage in heightened perceptions of star knowledge is an Aquarian activity. When we allow the cosmic energies of Aquarius to touch our hearts and minds, something exhilarating and profound happens. We open a doorway to knowing who and what we really are on ever new levels. We simultaneously  open an astrological doorway to the Sky Beings through which we can receive the gifts of their star knowledge. 

The opening of the doorways makes all the difference because it allows for a continual flow of dynamic experiences that bring us first-hand knowledge, knowledge that will be in our bones, knowledge that we can count on. Opening the doorways likewise brings wondrous rejuvenation and healing and makes life exciting and intriguing. 

How would you like to open the doorways?

Aquarius in astrology speaks to experiencing consciousness in which there's never a dull moment. Although our western culture upbringing and education has not guided us into acknowledging the extraordinary value of our Real Selves, there is nothing as earth shaking as knowing who and what we really are. There is healing involved in this dynamic process, and when we heal ourselves, we heal the world. 

We are part of the vast Aquarian web of life in which everything is connected. The most wonderful gift we can give to ourselves and the web is to learn more and more about the beautiful truth of our Beingness, and simply be it. Animals, plants, planets, and other Beings of nature do this effortlessly. This is what makes them so vibrant and aware. They bring life and inspiration to our world on more levels that we can imagine.

We humans of the western culture have forgotten our connection to all that is. The disconnect leads to feeling lonely and and empty, isolated in our daily worries and struggles. When we wake up to our Selves, we once again take our place in the great web of life. We then more easily can heal and transform our consciousness and our way of being. In turn, we then can favorably impact the collective human consciousness on our planet and all life on it.  Together we purposefully can help humanity and our planet by being all of who we really are. This is powerful business and it doesn't have to be hard to accomplish.

We have so much love and support from life to transform. It comes from the sky, the Earth, humans that care, and from the Spirit World. Why not go for your journey into the amazing?