Aquarian Astrology

​A Cat Nap Story - The Crystal Star Man

It was a fresh spring morning in Vermont. Migrating birds sang happily outside my window. I was renting an old renovated Vermont farmhouse in the rural countryside. Settling into a comfortable chair, my eyes to closed softly, and I drifted off into what might be called “a cat nap.”

I dreamed I was in a large valley surrounded by sheer rock cliffs that jutted high into an undulating sky. A older man with a strong presence was there. Oddly enough, he was green and seemed to be made of crystal. He sat before me in untainted silence. 

Out the top of his head, a crown of colorful light streams disappeared into the above. They flowed and pulsed in two directions and created a cylindrical rainbow of soft hues. There was sound to them, too, a swaying orchestration of diverse tones. As I listened and watched, I noticed that this being's auric field was phosphorescently lit up. He had a glow to him. Energies effortlessly shimmered out from his body, touching the world with waves of colors.

Ascending along the oscillating light streams into the sky, I felt like I was flying along a harmonic power line. The pleasure of it was exquisite. Its current swept me up to the zodiac, to the circle of stars through which our Sun passes. Each light stream specifically lead to one of the twelve constellations, each humming in its own richness and beauty. 

 The Sun, Moon, Planets, and Asteroids coursed through the twelve fields of energy. Their presence was unmistakable. They were like singing dancers in the zodiac, spilling over with delight, freely sharing their own songs and rhythmic movements. In their giving, they amplified the intensity of the zodiac. A constant flow of never-the-same melodies in the solar system was being created and broadcasted to the universe. 

Returning from the dance in the sky and back to the valley of rock, crystalline man was still there, sitting in the stillness of his slow rhythmic breathing. Without effort he was in sync with the stellar orchestration, and his awareness expanded with it. It was his way. Then, as if he were dreaming it into existence, a clear, calm pond of water appeared. Floating in its liquid surface were mirrored images of the constellations.

    I returned to the singing birds outside my window. Just as it is with our cat friends, my nap was over … but only for the moment.

A Cat Nap Story    The Crystal Star Man