Aquarian Astrology

You are a great match for this program, if you want to be a Bridge Person and bring

  • knowledge from the Sky to the Earth
  • healing to a fragmented society
  • unconditional love to a planet injured by warring
  • direction to a humanity that is lost and afraid
  • balance to a world that is off-kilter 
  • and vibrant energies and vast wonders of the spiritual into the physical

Aquarian Astrology: Shifting With Our Galaxy And Solar System

Ken Robinson

Aquarian Astrology Apprenticeship Program

Opening the Doorways To Our True Selves

And To The Star Knowledge Of The New Era

The Astrology of A New Era

This present time in human history is a particularly extraordinary one. Ancient cultures prophesied this time to be one of profound shifting from a fear-based power-over paradigm to a paradigm of awakening to the heart. During this unstoppable shifting, the Bridge People will be called forth. This is when individuals who want to thrive in their Beingness will freely chose to become aware of their Spirits and their purpose for being here. They will feel a strong inspiration to bring forward their unconditional love, gifts, and abilities to help our planet and all life on it. They will feel a powerful desire to touch the lives of others, so that they too may discover their gifts and find direction in their lives.

This is a very exciting time. If you are reading this, you might ask yourself, "Do I want to be a Bridge Person?" There's no pressure here. It is something that you'd discover inside yourself, like finding a beautiful treasure in your heart that has been waiting for you to embrace it. 

An Aquarian Astrology Apprenticeship gives you the opportunity to be a Bridge Person through developing an intimate connection with the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars. This will bring healing and knowledge to you first. Then, as you feel guided, you can pass these on to others in ways that delight you. If you have already been on a path of healing and knowledge, an apprenticeship will take you into new depths and riches on your journey.

Your apprenticeship will be a profound study of the new paradigm's star knowledge. Your studies will take you into teachings, ceremonies, and mysteries in which you discover amazing things about yourself and this life-enhancing astrological knowledge. You will discover the gifts and ways of your Spirit. You will learn how to read star charts and offer inspirational and highly energized astrology readings. You will study through individual sessions via the internet or in-person gatherings. You will also have the opportunity to retreat under the stars in the southwest with other star shaman apprentices.

Your apprenticeship will be an expression of your passion to be a Bridge Person and and help others awaken, heal, and find direction. Our world needs Aquarian Star Chart Readers who will help humanity create the Aquarian Age, an age in which we experience deep caring for Self and others, freedom to know and be who we really are, and the adventure of creative self-expression. 

Your studies will be like engaging in a Ph.D program, except you will not have to pay out or owe many thousands of dollars to do so. When you graduate, you are able to offer your services as a star shaman and make a truly satisfying living.

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Many ancient peoples's cosmology holds that  their ancestors came from the stars, particularly from a cluster of stars in the sky called the Pleiades.

Below is an image of this bluish cluster. During the night, you can see the Pleiades

in the early degrees of the constellation of The Bull, or Taurus.

The Calling And Awakening Of The Bridge People

The Pleiades

Aquarian Astrology is an astrology of the emerging new age, the Aquarian Age. It is a dynamic knowledge that assists us in awakening to the vast and beautiful Beings we really are. By its very nature, Aquarian Astrology can only be accessed through our Spirit's feelings, from the depths and richness of our True Selves. It is a star knowledge that will help us create the Aquarian paradigm on Earth, a new era based on living from our hearts. 

While Aquarian Astrology is an astrology for a new age, its roots go back to ancient shamanic peoples who lived intimately and harmoniously with nature and the Spirit World. Like ancient star knowledge, Aquarian Astrology is based on the stellar art of listening with our entire being to the energies and knowledge offered to us from the Sun, Moon, planets, and stars.  It is a life-enhancing astrology that helps us live in sync with the powerful cycles of the galaxy, solar system, and our home planet. This is no small matter because aligning with these cycles brings us into the wonders and magic of life. Living in sync with the Earth and sky brings us into vibrant health.


At this juncture in history, our galaxy is making an enormous energetic shift. Like vast ocean waves, her energies are spilling out of her heart and rippling through our solar system. In response to this dynamic cosmic modification, the Sun, Moon, and planets are realigning themselves continuously on vibratory levels to be in sync with the new energies. All life on the Earth, including us humans, are being called to align with this cosmic dance.

After many years of gathering and cultivating shamanic star knowledge, Ken began teaching Aquarian Astrology and Shamanic Star Knowledge in 2005. His articles have been published in astrological magazines and he has been a frequent guest on various radio shows. 

Ken lives in Santa Fe, NM and has been working on a book to describe his journey into the stars and the wonders  of this approach to astrology.

Ken Robinson is an international astrologer and the founder and teacher of Aquarian Astrology and Shamanic Star Knowledge. From his home in Santa Fe, New Mexico, he offers Star Chart Readings, Apprenticeships, Classes, and Retreats.

His study of astrology originated in 1980, after seeing his birth chart for the first time. His initial approach to the field of studying the stars was largely academic. It was not until years later that he found that it was his heart and his feelings that brought astrology to life.

It was in 1995 that Ken began a long-term apprenticeship in an ancient Peruvian shamanic tradition. Inspired by the deep caring, clarity, and unconditionally loving and creative ways of shamans, he sought to understand the roots of astrology. He discovered that astrology actually originated in ancient shamanic cultures throughout the world.

Since then, and In keeping with these ancient originators of astrology, Ken has used his shamanic knowledge and abilities to spirit journey to the stars to gather knowledge, experience healing, and embrace personal transformation.

He found that there is an unfathomable amount of star knowledge to learn.